The security industry is constantly evolving, but some things never change. From the first alarm to the modern security suite, the goals have always been the same. Quality of service, speed of emergency response, and most importantly, security systems must be discrete in order to serve their purpose: to put a stop to criminal behavior.

One such example is the panic button, employed to protect businesses for over 100 years. Simply press the wired button under the counter, and the emergency central station receives the signal that something has gone wrong. Unfortunately, crime has also evolved in the last century. Even the least intelligent criminals know that it's simply a matter of overtaking their target when they are away from the button.

Now, imagine a panic button that does the job without fail, every time, because it never leaves your side. That's where Home & Away has you covered. This is the next step in the evolution of security - a monitoring service that is as mobile as you are, because it uses your cell phone to send the emergency signal.

Home & Away is a monitoring service that connects you directly to response professionals during an emergency via an app on your phone.

When you tap the app, our UL-Listed central station receives your live two-way audio, video, caller ID and GPS location - allowing you to enjoy monitored protection wherever you go.

Home & Away puts the power of mobile security in your hands.
Wherever you go, your personal security system goes with you!

It gets even easier! Tap the ZOMM bluetooth button (sold separately) to remote-launch the Home & Away App, even if your phone is locked!

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The ZOMM is a wireless button specifically designed to launch the Home & Away app when your phone is not at hand - even if your phone is locked! Simply press the ZOMM button when you need help, and the microphone & speaker inside of the zomm will send/receive your phone's live audio from the Home & Away app.


What kind of technology does the zomm use?

The ZOMM uses bluetooth wireless technology.

What kind of phones are compatible with the zomm?

The zomm has been thoroughly tested to work will all modern smartphones, including the iPhone.

Do i need my phone turned on for the zomm to work?

Yes, the ZOMM acts as a remote launcher for the Home & Away app, and is not a standalone device. When the ZOMM is out of range of your phone, or your phone is turned off, the ZOMM will emit an alarm to let you know that you are not currently protected.

What is the range of the ZOMM?

The ZOMM's recommended range is 10 feet. remember that it will emit an alarm if it goes outside of the range of your phone. they work as a team, try to keep them close!

Does the ZOMM use a battery?

Yes, and it is recommended that you charge it (via usb or ac plug) once daily.

What are recommended applications for wearing the ZOMM?

Wear the ZOMM using the included lanyard around your wrist, around the neck, or on your keychain.

We are ALWAYS here to help you.

Professionally trained, US-based responders are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with immediate service and assist you though any emergency situation. Simply Tap the App to get connected to the help you need, when you need it.


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